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"You know your hair self-cleans if you don't wash it for long enough?"

No no no! Although this could be tempting to try in lockdown there is not much truth in it. What really happens is the dirt crystalizes which means it can be brushed out easier. Now that's cleared up please, please go and wash your hair. Thanks so much.

Here are a few more hair myths that need to be laid to rest...

Cutting your hair makes it grow faster

Although it won’t make it grow faster, it will stop it splitting therefore it will look longer and maintain its healthy ends rather than fine wispy ends that break away.

You need to change your shampoo as your hair becomes used to it

False. Your hair doesn’t become used to it but it may not need the ingredients anymore. If its using a high weight silicone (Low cost shampoo) then the silicone can build up and create weight on the hair. If your using a deep cleansing shampoo you may remove the natural oils from your hair too much therefor your hair starts to produce too many to make up for it.

Stress makes you go grey

If this was true I think most people would graduate university with a full head of silver locks...

Going grey is when the cells in your hair that produce melanin no longer produce colour. Although there isn't any science to prove stress causes grey hair, it can still impact growth. Your hair follicles will have periods where there is no growth, but high levels of stress can alter this growth period. For example, in three months time you might have more fallout than normal, and the new hairs that grow might be grey.

Silicones are the DEVIL

Silicones get a bad rep, but does anyone actually know what they do?

Silicone is a synthetic polymer made up of silicone and oxygen and is used as a lubricant to give us that smooth feel. It's actually good to have in products for a silky feel, but just make sure it’s a low molecule weight and its water soluble.