Taking your child to a hair salon can be a difficult task and we understand that, for a child, the idea of getting your hair cut can be scary. It can even be a scary thought for you!

Tease is super child-friendly. We’re good with kids and are used to dealing with their demands.

Our approachable, completely non-scary team will do our best to make sure your child’s trip to the hairdressers is fun.

Is Purple Shampoo For You?

The first, FIRST step to finding the best Purple Shampoo is deciding whether this shampoo is right for your hair needs. If your hair isn’t in need of blonde toning shampoo then it can actually do more damage than good. Let’s ask some questions to figure out if purple shampoo is best suited for you.

Are you a natural blonde who sometimes finds their hair dull? Yep, this is for you.

Have you come fresh out of the salon with newly bleached, blonde coloured or lightened hair? This product is for you.

Do you hate having to go to the salon every 4 weeks to refresh your blonde? Hell yeah, this is for you.

Do you find yourself needing to fix discolouration in your blonde caused by heat exposure by styling tools, environmental factors or just general washing? Purple shampoo is 100% for you!


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